Welcome Table Farm

This is Welcome Table Farm, located in good ole Walla Walla, WA. At Welcome Table Farm they cover all their bases, they strive to be responsible Earth stewards, honor and support their community by providing healthy and local food to all people and have fun!!

The farmers at Welcome Table Farm “build soil health through crop and animal rotations, cover cropping, compost, and natural soil amendments, work to minimize non-renewable and polluting energy use by effectively employing the skill and draft power of people and animals.” (Welcome Table Farm)
How cool is that!?! They have these two huge draft horses that work the land with them! They know the in’s and out’s of their soil becuase they take the time to care about the soil health. They don’t just -apply from above. They also have pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, boarding horses, dogs, and cats, a gypsy wagon, fruit trees, farm hands, and a sweet daughter.

Their produce (including plant starts and cut flowers!) they sell at the Walla Walla Farmer’s Market and they also do a really great CSA -Community Supported Agriculture which means you get fresh hand-picked veggies and berries- the day they are picked – to bring home and share with your family and friends. This is a large box of produce that keeps you feeling connected not only to the community that raised and harvested what you are eating, but also the land that sustains and supports you.

They are also seriously committed to the Local Food Coop (and SOOO many other things too!) called Daily Market Cooperative they not only provide some of the products you can purchase there, but they have also spent hundreds of volunteer hours helping to sustain the place. Just another way to get local, healthy food out to their community.

When you come Wine tasting here in Walla Walla don’t forget that Walla Walla doesn’t just grow grapes (and wheat and onions) It is worth your time to check out these great places! – The Farmers Market – on Saturdays,Daily Market Cooperative, and Welcome Table Farm. And if you eat at the restaurants downtown you might just be eating some freshly picked farm veggies as they do also supply to Local restaurants! Enjoy!!

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  1. andy roo says:

    Looks great. Thanks for blogging us.
    Hope you’re good.

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