Olga Road – Upcycled Leather Jackets

Upcycled Leather Jackets? – Badass! Olga Road is WA locals who are selling old leather trench coats that are remade to fit our new generation of funk and style. This means you aren’t spending your hard earned money to have animals slaughtered just so you can look cool and be warm – but reusing leather that would get chucked in the dump cause it isn’t hip anymore. This concept of upcycling is more efficient (and touches on that creative nerve we all have) than buying “brand” new, wearing pleather, or trying to recycle the leather to make it into something completely different. This concept and company resonate with WaterDrop WorkShop cause this is what we do – our “coldspot” coffee table and “piper” floor lamp are two obvious pieces on our website that use “upcycled” components. All WaterDrop pieces use locally salvaged or windfallen wood but these folks are taking something old, chopping in some modern changes and putting it back into the same function: keeping bodies comfy with style -Nice one Olga Road!

We dig ‘em! What do you think? -Their prices are great, $168.00 and free shipping for a one of a kind, mod-styled, upcycled leather jacket? Sign us up.

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2 Responses to Olga Road – Upcycled Leather Jackets

  1. Forrest says:

    These jackets are hot! Too bad that they are only sized for women or small chested men. Although, I could be interpreting the sizing chart wrong.

    Thanks for sharing. I searched long and hard this winter for a jacket for Roussa. This would of fit the bill nicely, but I ended up getting her the ladies bomber jacket from Filson. Filson jackets are made super well though maybe not as stylish or reused.

  2. WaterDrop Workshop says:

    Hey Forrest! Happy to Share! These are our friends from Evergreen who are living on Orcas who are selling these – pretty awesome! I think they are Hot too! I am sure they would answer questions about sizing or you could just go to Orcas Island and check out the shop Two Drews they have them in there (I am pretty sure).

    Been Thinking of you lately. I Hope you are well!

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