From Racks to Rickshaw

This summer was intense.

One of the central parts of our summer went like this: after diving into and consuming¬† “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, I set out on an adventure to find the perfect minimalist summer sandals. I quickly found Luna Sandals based in our old haunt, Seattle, WA.¬† Lunas are made by Barefoot Ted (BFT) and his crew of jolly monkeys -BFT was one of the central characters in the Book Born To Run. I emailed, we connected with Leah Kangas then representing Luna, and SHA-BLAM just like that we are collaborating on some very cool bizness.

First, we built them Display Racks.

Then we built them their trade show booth.

After that we were invited on the awesome adventure with Barefoot Ted and Dan Fairbanks to talk design and build pieces for their second minimalist shoe store Born to Run which is now open in downtown Seattle, across the street from the REI – WaterDrop did all items Black Walnut – 4 shelves, one Large table, and two stump tables.

Finally we rounded out the summer with my most favorite project to date: the Luna Rickshaw!


Thanks to Leah Kangas, Barefoot Ted, Dan Fairbanks and Chris Fryer for making us a part of their tribe. We so enjoyed working with all of you and wish you all much success! :) And we are looking forward to the next project coming down the trail…..we make a good team!

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2 Responses to From Racks to Rickshaw

  1. Daryl Morgan says:

    What a fun collaboration. Lovely stuff.

  2. Barefoot Ted says:

    WURd! (love it)


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