Potty Design

We discovered this ingenious 2-in-1 potty recently at this sweet place called the The Warehouse Cafe in Portland OR. This coffee shop/super kid friendly play space/consignment shop is a mom’s dream come true. You can feel comfortable allowing your sweet little angles to just simply be themselves at The Warehouse Cafe. They can run around, ride the various toys, play with blocks and just have fun while you get to chill out and enjoy their happiness while drinking that delicious cup of locally roasted coffee and organic milk. That typical feeling of sheer exhaustion at chasing your kid around for fear they might enjoy themselves a little just doesn’t exist there. And to top it all off, well there are two things, first, when your little one needs to use the loo, he can actually sit on the potty (without falling in) and potty in peace. Thank you for making this world more widely accessible to more than just big people!! ( I will get back to the potty) One other cool thing about The Warehouse Cafe is that they believe in sustainability and reusing materials to make fresh new things – all their tables are made from reclaimed bowling alleys! You just have to check out their site or even better – GO there and support them. They are bad ass, not only working the eco end of things, but the social, food and family end, they got it all folks!

Where is our Walla Walla equivalent? Any one feeling inspired??? I am….!!!

We here at WaterDrop are inspired by places and people like this! And we are captured by great design that shows up in functional places – like the bathroom. We went on a hunt for this potty after experiencing it not only at the Warehouse Cafe but also at Inland Octopus in Walla Walla – another great place that doesn’t want our kids falling in. We found it at HomeDepot amongst a million places online. Well worth the hunt!

We have been using both the extra potty seat and the stand alone kids potty – but no more! We are in love and awe of this “flip” potty!! The design is great, the toddler potty fits into the lid of the potty so it is not sticking you in the back while you are doing your business and it has a strong magnet so it isn’t constantly falling down either. It is made of wood and metal no cheap plastic. It is the perfect size for my little guy’s butt and he will be able to use it for a long time to come.

Now, I wouldn’t mind seeing some fun toilet seat colors – how about the kid’s potty is purple or green – make it pop, give it a little flare and fun! Why do we go for boring old white all the time – come on Potty designers how about a little color therapy in the bathroom! And what about eco materials? Bemis didn’t use FSC certified wood on OUR potty seat – why not Bemis? Get with the program! Streamline your business to help save the planet, how hard is it to source readily accessible recyclable/reusable materials!?
My toddler can not pull the seat down on his own either, how about a little loop or something that he can get his pudgy little fingers around and pull that sucker down so he can really embrace that independence of his.

Overall I am super impressed and excited by this style of toddler potty. Way cleaner, in hygiene and design, than the ones you have to hang on the wall or leave in the tub when not in use.

And don’t forget to check out The Warehouse Cafe in Portland Or. Tell em’ we say hi!

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Walla Walla Builders ReSupply!

The Sustainable Living Center has done what has so desperately needed to happen here in Walla Walla. They opened a Re-Use Center!!! The Walla Walla Builders ReSupply Store is out by the airport and has lots of great stuff. Not only can you find that sweet antique door knob, or sink you were looking for but you can also drop off those doors that have been sitting in your garage for the last 3 years, since you remodeled and didn’t want to throw them out. Now you don’t have to. They can benefit someone else!

This is seriously great, folks! I hope you take advantage of the ReSupply Store, you just never know what kind of treasures you might find!!!

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The Shop.

WaterDrop WorkShop has been building all of its pieces out of our 400 sq.ft studio garage space. Most of the work benches and tools are on casters and can move around the space if need be. This is a tiny space for building 10′ dining tables, for needing to be able to keep working while we put finish on another project etc….So, we decided last Fall we either needed to move to a bigger shop space or we needed to ‘add on’ to what we had. The most cost efficient way for us to get more space turned out to be ‘adding on’. And thats just what we did. We had the concrete poured and roof put on in October 2010 and Zac has been using whatever time he is not working on Projects to put up the walls, put in the windows etc. Luckily we have some great friends who have come by to help – Thanks guys!!!

And there is more to come….

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WaterDrop WorkShop was hired by some very fine people to build this awesome King’s Table

It will be a 10′ long tall table built from salvaged grain silo timbers with found metal accents. The salvaged timber is from Lowden, WA and was milled by Zac and a local friend with a portable mill, Larry Mallott. Here are some pics of the timber and the portable mill. Finding the wood and milling it are just the first couple of steps to getting this table built. Now the wood has to dry before we can use it….we will keep you updated on it’s progress!

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This Is Vinoture…

Vinoture recently moved to Walla Walla and there couldn’t be a better place for ‘em. They make stools, tables and sconces out of discarded barrels from the Walla Walla Valley. Not only is it cool that they are reusing these wine barrels, but they are also making slick functional art.

Their stuff is well built, ain’t nothing you’re gonna find at Walmapart, and carries the flavor and history of the barrels. Typically wine is made in Oak barrels – they say French Oak is the best, gives the best color and flavor to the wine, it is also the most expensive. Barrels are also made from American and English Oak. We just took a barrel apart here at WaterDrop WorkShop to play with, it was the first time I, Erin, have seen the inside of a Barrel, the color is amazing! The Smell is strong and there are crystals along the inside of the walls.

Check out Vinoture’s Website. Their Sconces are my favorite!


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The Metal Panels Installed

So, the Cellar door is 8′x9′ made of salvaged barn wood from the Dayton Area and Steel for the frame and panels. Zac and Reggie thought it would be fresh to rust the panels – Zac has done this on a couple pieces already. Yet doing it on this project was experimental. They couldn’t score any panels that were already rusted so Zac had to figure out how to do it himself and get the Rust to really take hold. The middle panel is the coolest cause it was rusted using Autumn fallen grape leaves…!! You can really see the veins and shapes of the leaves on the panel – def worth checking out! The other two panels were more of a free-for-all rusting experience but they look cool also and all three are full of color!

This door isn’t up yet, as far as I know. But the metal is on! Check it out!

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    The Front Door

    Yup Folks, those portholes are actually industrial filter bushings salvaged by Zac and Reggie for this project – they are inserted into the strip of Black Walnut on the Outside of the door and the Silver Maple on the Inside.


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    The Doors Delivered

    So after getting the doors on that flatbed truck we all drove to Dayton, WA – where Mace Mead Works is located. Here are some photos of them ripping out the old door frame in order to bring these massive doors into the space…and then put them up!


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    Re-Nest by Apartment Therapy – Designer Spotlight!!!

    Two days ago Re-Nest by Apartment Therapy put us on their Designer Spotlight! Check it out and pass it along if you will!

    Thanks, Re-Nest!

    Erin and Zac

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    We got Featured on Design*Sponge!!!

    Thank You!

    Erin and Zac

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