Graze days

Hungry? Well, one of my favorite Walla Walla restaurants is called Graze. There are three facets to their business, they do catering, run a restaurant on Colville St –downtown Walla Walla, and they recently opened a Drive-Thru — down on 9th ave.

Graze is a family run, local business, specializing in healthy, delicious food. Once you’ve been, you will go back — you can pretty much order anything and know you will love it. The Cobb Salad is my go-to meal, it is delicious and chock-full of goodies -roast beef, chicken, blue cheese, bacon, lettuce…. it goes on. One more thing I love about Graze: they buy local when they can! They purchase veggies grown in Walla Walla soil by Walla Walla farmers to feed to our sweet hungry bellies.

The last few months we have been on a fun design/build adventure with Becca and John – the proprietors of Graze. Graze asked WaterDrop to design and build outdoor signs for their downtown location and Drive-Thru. Together with the Graze folks, WaterDrop WorkShop pulled in Douglas Gisi Metal Fab, nailed down a design, and got busy building. You can see these signs up at the Drive-Thru on 9th. They are roughly 10′ long by 3.5′ tall & made of salvaged Walla Walla barn wood that will continue to patina and silver over time. With the Graze logo’s color-matched metal, it’s got real WaterDrop pop!

Go check em out, or see it from our Facebook Page, order a delicious sandwich and tell us what you think!!!

Design Concept, by WaterDrop WorkShop-

Computer Rendering with Doug Gisi-

All pieces in the shop – ready to put it all together!


Making sure everything is straight -Zac, David, and Doug (L to R).


And, it is up!!!


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The King’s Table

Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

Last February we posted this blog titled “Milling”. We told you about how some very fine folks hired us to build them a King’s Table. It is a bar height table built from timber from an old grain or wheat silo. Back in Feb we milled those beams and then they sat until they were dry enough to use.

This winter we got down to it – we customized the design with our clients, decided no truss and lots of metal accents would do the trick. This table has thematic coins, including a 1939 wheat penny, bolts and nails epoxied into the holes that were left by the bolts and screws that were originally used when it was a silo.

Here are some before, during and after shots for your viewing pleasure. By the way it looks great on our website too - – or click “Home” above.

If you or anyone you know might be interested in being a part of a process like this, please pass along our info to them! We love doing custom work, we love giving you an opportunity to share your vision and for us to make that happen!

Thanks for your support!
Erin and Zac

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From Racks to Rickshaw

This summer was intense.

One of the central parts of our summer went like this: after diving into and consuming  “Born to Run” by Christopher McDougall, I set out on an adventure to find the perfect minimalist summer sandals. I quickly found Luna Sandals based in our old haunt, Seattle, WA.  Lunas are made by Barefoot Ted (BFT) and his crew of jolly monkeys -BFT was one of the central characters in the Book Born To Run. I emailed, we connected with Leah Kangas then representing Luna, and SHA-BLAM just like that we are collaborating on some very cool bizness.

First, we built them Display Racks.

Then we built them their trade show booth.

After that we were invited on the awesome adventure with Barefoot Ted and Dan Fairbanks to talk design and build pieces for their second minimalist shoe store Born to Run which is now open in downtown Seattle, across the street from the REI – WaterDrop did all items Black Walnut – 4 shelves, one Large table, and two stump tables.

Finally we rounded out the summer with my most favorite project to date: the Luna Rickshaw!


Thanks to Leah Kangas, Barefoot Ted, Dan Fairbanks and Chris Fryer for making us a part of their tribe. We so enjoyed working with all of you and wish you all much success! :) And we are looking forward to the next project coming down the trail…..we make a good team!

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Now you can -Subscribe!

Hey all! Finally set it up that you can follow us by signing up on our website. We will notify you when you have a new blog post!

Go to any page of our site and the bottom it says – Keep an Eye on Us!
Hey! Sign up now!

Thanks for all your support!
Erin and Zac

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What’s behind ‘Door Number Two’?

Colville Street in Walla Walla is home to some very cool places. It is probably my favorite street in Downtown Walla Walla! When heading towards Alder from Main st – on the right you see a shop, one of the newest editions to Colville St is Door Number Two. I have had the opportunity to swing by Door Number Two and YIPPEEEE!!! – it is awesome! I love to see some retro vintage style making it’s way into Walla Walla. Their stuff is affordable, there is a great variety, and the styles are hip! The space itself was remodeled by the proprietors and they did a wonderful job! Before you even go inside you are welcomed by vintage bicycles out on the sidewalk, then you cruise in and the feel of the place makes you want to dive in… The walls are dimensional wood paneling, with metal accents, metal piping for rods to hold the clothes hangers, and a table in the middle of the room for vintage accessories- suitcases, purses, old hair dryers in their cases… If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it! Jessica and her husband are fine people and deserve a warm Walla Walla Welcome! They take donations (I think) if you are getting ride of stuff, bring it to them!

This is what they have to say for themselves:

“We are hoping our little corner of Coleville St. will immediately spring to mind when someone is looking for that unique piece, at a very attractive price. Some of the items we will be offering include mens / womens clothing and accessories, both newer, and truly vintage (think funky, and fun. … :) furnishings (for a lot less$$ than one may think) vintage bicycles, tricycles, pedal cars/tractors (Adam has a thing for neat old rusty stuff) truly one off hair accessories (Jessica is on fire, handmaking these goodies) and everything in between. Our shop will be one of continual change to keep things fresh and most of all, fun………….”

Door Number Two
32 S. Colville St., Walla Walla, WA 99362

Mon: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Wed – Thurs: 11:00 am - 7:00 pm
Fri – Sat: 11:00 am - 8:00 pm

So, if you haven’t taken a stroll down Colville Street in a while – be ready to stop at a few of the awesome shops and eateries on the way to Door Number Two.

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Olga Road – Upcycled Leather Jackets

Upcycled Leather Jackets? – Badass! Olga Road is WA locals who are selling old leather trench coats that are remade to fit our new generation of funk and style. This means you aren’t spending your hard earned money to have animals slaughtered just so you can look cool and be warm – but reusing leather that would get chucked in the dump cause it isn’t hip anymore. This concept of upcycling is more efficient (and touches on that creative nerve we all have) than buying “brand” new, wearing pleather, or trying to recycle the leather to make it into something completely different. This concept and company resonate with WaterDrop WorkShop cause this is what we do – our “coldspot” coffee table and “piper” floor lamp are two obvious pieces on our website that use “upcycled” components. All WaterDrop pieces use locally salvaged or windfallen wood but these folks are taking something old, chopping in some modern changes and putting it back into the same function: keeping bodies comfy with style -Nice one Olga Road!

We dig ‘em! What do you think? -Their prices are great, $168.00 and free shipping for a one of a kind, mod-styled, upcycled leather jacket? Sign us up.

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Rollin in the Big Apple

Being back East is like being in a whole different world for us, especially the Big City – New York City! It is an amazing expanse of people, vehicles, buildings and concrete. The many cultures that make up the streets, shops, and restaurants is outstanding. We only got to spend an afternoon in the City so decided to focus our time on company’s designing and building furniture. There are three that we want to mention, ducduc, the New Traditionlists, and Environment.

We really dig all three of these furniture places. Their deigns are cool, their philosophies resonate and they are working towards a home that is safe to live in and an Earth that is respected and honored.

So check them out, on-line or in person if you are in NYC, or for Environment they are everywhere…!

oh and here’s me and Zac in the City!

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WaterDrop Lightin’ Up Pioneer Square

Gallery Director Sharon Ricci and the other good folks at NW Fine Woodworking are supporting WaterDrop in breaking into the Seattle fine woodworking universe. They invited us to display our Piper floor lamp in their show-room amongst all the other fine pieces from their talented Co-op members and nonmembers. We are honored!

NW Fine Woodworking is “Seattle’s premier studio furniture gallery. [They have] presented the finest quality, handcrafted contemporary furniture since 1980. A unique cooperative of leading American furniture makers; fostering the design and creation of artisan made and custom furniture, built to last generations”.

We hope that this is the first of many pieces WaterDrop WorkShop will show in their gallery.


101 South Jackson St.
Seattle, WA 98104
(206) 625-0542

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Free Range Open House -April 9-10th

Here is a Fantastic opportunity to see one of the Coolest houses in Walla Walla! Dirk Nelson and his Free Range Building Company build houses like we build furniture: as a labor of love, as an exploration, as an expression. They are also showing works of several local artists. Don’t miss this opportunity, people! Tell me what you think!

Open House * This Weekend * April 9-10, 2011 * 12:00 – 4:00 p.m. * 1250 Reser Road

Unique opportunity to see artwork by Ian Boyden, Squire Broel, Doug Gisi,
Amy Glase, WaterDrop WorkShop (Zac Merten and Erin Griffin), Brad Rude and more in a home designed and built by Dirk Nelson.

Call 509.520.0801 for more information.

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Welcome Table Farm

This is Welcome Table Farm, located in good ole Walla Walla, WA. At Welcome Table Farm they cover all their bases, they strive to be responsible Earth stewards, honor and support their community by providing healthy and local food to all people and have fun!!

The farmers at Welcome Table Farm “build soil health through crop and animal rotations, cover cropping, compost, and natural soil amendments, work to minimize non-renewable and polluting energy use by effectively employing the skill and draft power of people and animals.” (Welcome Table Farm)
How cool is that!?! They have these two huge draft horses that work the land with them! They know the in’s and out’s of their soil becuase they take the time to care about the soil health. They don’t just -apply from above. They also have pigs, goats, sheep, chickens, boarding horses, dogs, and cats, a gypsy wagon, fruit trees, farm hands, and a sweet daughter.

Their produce (including plant starts and cut flowers!) they sell at the Walla Walla Farmer’s Market and they also do a really great CSA -Community Supported Agriculture which means you get fresh hand-picked veggies and berries- the day they are picked – to bring home and share with your family and friends. This is a large box of produce that keeps you feeling connected not only to the community that raised and harvested what you are eating, but also the land that sustains and supports you.

They are also seriously committed to the Local Food Coop (and SOOO many other things too!) called Daily Market Cooperative they not only provide some of the products you can purchase there, but they have also spent hundreds of volunteer hours helping to sustain the place. Just another way to get local, healthy food out to their community.

When you come Wine tasting here in Walla Walla don’t forget that Walla Walla doesn’t just grow grapes (and wheat and onions) It is worth your time to check out these great places! – The Farmers Market – on Saturdays,Daily Market Cooperative, and Welcome Table Farm. And if you eat at the restaurants downtown you might just be eating some freshly picked farm veggies as they do also supply to Local restaurants! Enjoy!!

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