Zac Merten, founder of WATERDROP WORKSHOP sitting in the farmlands of Walla Walla, Washington.

Zac Merten, founder of WATERDROP WORKSHOP getting ready for a photo shoot in the vineyards of Walla Walla, WA.


At Water Drop Workshop, we thrive on the creative inspiration between artists, designers, scientists, architects and the environment to create high quality, handcrafted pieces that bring definition, beauty, health, and sensibility to the spaces you inhabit.

Water Drop seeks truth in design and by that we mean accepting and honoring not only the winding path of innovation, but also the subtle imperfections and character of materials we use. By passing these qualities to the final pieces we produce, we are forging our way into new realms of design. We take great measures towards sourcing salvaged metals, wood, or wind fallen timber in an effort to help lower our impact on the earth and to find materials with character and beauty. In doing so, our pieces embody the natural beauty of each raw material we source.

Our plywood lines offer unique graphic forms created from materials that are always FSC certified or Sustainable Bamboo. This care also extends to the salvaged or highly recycled content steel that we handpick. Our steel components honor their found state or are powder coated using a zero VOC process that provides high durability and a clean look.

With the subtle power of the Waterdrop we are contributing to the new era of bold, innovative, and sustainable design.

Welcome to the New Era!

Pieces on the site are either labeled as In Stock or Made to Order. In Stock pieces ship within 7 days of receiving an order. Made to order pieces ship within 4-10 weeks. Please call or e-mail through the contact page with order request, shipping rates, or further questions.

We love the innovative ground of working with clients on commissions. Please email us through the contact page to if you have a project in mind.

General Care
Use a sponge or soft lint-free cloth dampened with clean water to remove dust and debris by wiping the entire surface in the direction of the grain. Wipe lightly and evenly to avoid wearing parts of the surface more than others. Extend the same care to metal surfaces.

Yearly Cleaning
After a general cleaning procedure, use the exact same method as above but replace the damp cloth/sponge with a lint free soft cloth dampened with Mineral Oil. (Mineral oil is a safe, non-toxic, non-spoiling oil that will maintain the finish). Apply thinly, evenly and lightly. In and hour or so return to lightly wipe with a lint free non-oiled cloth.